How to get to Brimstone Sands in the New World and what to do in the new region

How to get to Brimstone Sands in the New World and what to do in the new region

This information will present you the way to unlock and entry the Brimstone Sands area within the New World and what actions await you there once you arrive!

The Brimstone Sands is a brand new area added to the New World with Replace 1.7 on October 18, 2022. It is the most important thus far and attracts a whole lot of inspiration from Egyptian and Roman structure.

The best way to Unlock Brimstone Sands Area

Earlier than you formally enter and start a lot of the major story of Brimstone Sands within the New World, you’ll need to talk to a different Soul Warden NPC to start the hunt that takes you there and unlocks the area to grant you the entry.

The place places or quests differ by faction, you may discover a detailed clarification of the place to go and what to do for every of New World’s three factions – Covenant, Marauders, and Syndicate.

Covenant Followers might want to journey to the Nice Cleave, the place they’ll converse to Tomash Kovalenko within the Cleave’s Level outpost, which is close to the forge.

Marauders might want to journey to Ebonscale Attain the place they’ll speak to Tomash Kovalenko, who’s sitting on the outer wall of the Ebonscale settlement.

How to Access Brimstone Sands - Marauder Trailhead

Union might want to journey to the Mountainhome within the Shattered Mountain space, the place they’ll converse to Tomash Kovalenko close to the inn there.

How to get to Brimstone Sands - Syndicate starter point

From there, the quests begin to converge a bit, as you may be gathering the identical components for a Desert Cerate.

How to access the recipe for Brimstone Sands - Desert Cerate

You should deliver 2 fish oil with you to make the Cerate. Alongside Fish Oil, it’s essential to enterprise to the cliffs in your respective area and acquire 3 Frostcliff bays.

For the Pactyou may want to go to the cliffs simply Sunder Fort and the Tempest Valley Quick Journey Shrine to choose them up.

How to get to Brimstone Sands - Tempest Valley Shrine

For the maraudersyou may want to go to the cliffs east of the Water Sanctuary in Ebonscale Attain to choose them up.

How to get to Brimstone Sands - Sanctuary of Water

For the unionyou may want to go to the cliffs northeast of the Mountainhome Outpost to choose them up.

How to get to Brimstone Sands - Mountainhome Cliffs

With the gathered components, craft Desert Cerate at a campsite or crafting station within the Arcane Repository. As soon as crafted, use it out of your stock to progress the hunt.

After utilizing the Cerate, that is the place the quests will utterly converge. Head to Ebonscale Attain, then north into the Brimstone Sands.

Head to Wikala al-Waha Outpost, positioned northeast of the place you enter Brimstone Sands.

Map finding Wikala al-Waha

That is the place you meet Soulwarden Buhawi and from there you’ll formally work on the Brimstone Sands major quest.

A picture of Buhawi Manabat at their put up in Wikala al-Waha

What to do within the Brimstone Sands space

The Brimstone Sands area options new creatures, enemies, hazards, and assets. You will additionally discover 26 new Historical Glyphs right here, which let you journey by means of the huge desert area extra simply and with out using Azoth. Lastly, right here is the brand new Ennead Expedition.

Creatures and Enemies

The Brimstone Sands area primarily options the Historical and Offended Earth as your major enemies. This makes gadgets like Historical or Offended Earth Coating helpful for taking down enemies. Some factors of curiosity are additionally corrupted, however the bulk of the enemies are the 2 actions talked about.

A picture of an elite elder wielding a bow

There are additionally new wildlife together with scorpions and armadillos that drop new assets together with meals that match into new tier 5 meals. These are stat boosting meals that final for 60 minutes which is a 50% enhance in length over the present 40-minute T5 meals.

A picture depicting many hostile Scorpions

Hazards and Assets

One factor you may must be cautious of when exploring Brimstone Sands is a brand new hazard, Acid. When standing close to an acid pool, you are taking roughly 1% of your HP per second as harm over two harm cycles, whereas your acid resistance slowly decreases. Whereas standing in a pool of acid, you are taking round 6% of your well being as harm per second, additionally over two ticks.

Picture of Brimstone close to an acid pool

By means of using a brand new “gem” primarily based on scorpion chitin or a brand new tincture, you may shield your self from this new hazard. being an affliction, Incense can be a viable possibility to make use of to mitigate this debuff.

When Acid Resistance is depleted, you can be with Acid Burn for 60 seconds, which offers roughly 18% of your further well being for every harm tick in an Acid Pool. This implies you’ll take heavy harm and very quick cube in the direction of acid should you keep too lengthy.

There are additionally a number of new assets right here, consisting of Sandstone and Sulfur for straight harvestable assets.

A picture of harvestable sandstone

Sandstone Chunks collected from the Sandstone itself may be crafted into Charged Sand. Sulfur Chunks may be become Sulfur. Each reagents are utilized in crafting newly added Runeglass gems, in addition to Acid Dyes.

Historical glyphs

Historical glyphs are the newest addition to the brand new area. There are 26 of those glyphs in whole, however they make traversing this huge wasteland environment friendly and considerably sooner than working on the roads.

A picture of one of many 26 historical Sulfur Sands glyphs

These new lore entries allow a quick journey system in Brimstone Sands, which lets you soar between bigger POIs with out utilizing Azoth.

A picture of an lively Historical Glyph Portal

Most Elite Historical Chests within the Brimstone Sands space are additionally locked with one in all these glyphs. They require a selected glyph and can’t be opened with out it.

When you be taught the glyphs, it is possible for you to to make use of each the journey system and open many elite chests.

The Ennead Expedition

With a brand new area comes a brand new expedition. The Ennead takes you to discover the traditional pyramid positioned within the coronary heart of Brimstone Sands.

This expedition has traps and puzzles, as you’ll anticipate from any expedition. In contrast to the overwhelming majority of Brimstone Sands, nevertheless, this Expedition consists of the Ancients in addition to loads of Scorpion and Scarab enemies.

With this, you now know all the pieces you may must efficiently unlock Brimstone Sands and conquer the brand new area of the New World! Good luck on the market in that huge however lovely desert area.

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