Quiz and anecdotes about national parks #55

Quiz and anecdotes about national parks #55

What are these spherical inclusions on this dacite rock discovered within the devastated space of ​​Lassen Volcanic Nationwide Park known as? / Rebecca Latson

I at all times be taught one thing new about items within the nationwide park system. I hope additionally, you will be taught one thing new. Check your data of nationwide parks with this last quiz earlier than checking the solutions down under.

1. When you’ve got already visited the devastated space of Lassen Volcanic National Park in California you should have seen this rock alongside the path. The rock is dacite, a predominant volcanic rock within the park. These spherical, finer-grained spots you see within the rock are basalt, one other volcanic rock. These basalt spots are known as ___.

a) Globular spherules

b) Soaked Blobs

c) Basalt Globes

d) Intrusive pyroclasts

A crimson fox strolling down the street in Denali Nationwide Park and Protect / NPS – Claire Abendroth

2. Many nationwide parks, like Denali National Park and Preserve, are habitats for the crimson fox. “As winter approaches, crimson foxes develop thick winter fur highlighted by a voluminous white-tipped tail generally known as the ___.

a brush

b) Swipe

c) Dock

d) swatter

3. Whereas climbing alongside one of many trails to Buffalo National River, chances are you’ll discover the sassafras tree. The best option to establish it’s by their leaves. Sassafras bushes have ___ leaves.

a) Multicolored

b) Serrated

c) Silver Edge

d) Polymorph

Inexperienced Salamander, New River Gorge/Clay Gibbons Nationwide Park and Protect by way of NPS Instagram

4. Stroll a path close to a cliff at New River Gorge National Park and Reserve and also you may come throughout a reasonably patterned inexperienced salamander (Aneides aeneus). True or False: Inexperienced salamanders don’t have any lungs.

a really

b) False

Mountain bluebird, Bandelier Nationwide Monument / NPS

5. Whereas climbing in Bandelier National Monument, you might be able to spot a ravishing mountain bluebird within the bushes. The mountain bluebird is ___ breeding.

a) Cavity

b) Empty

c) Rock

d) Treetops

Watermelon Snow, North Cascades Nationwide Park/NPS – D. Mailman

6. Whereas climbing on a excessive altitude path within the spring or early summer season at a spot like Glacier National Park The place North Cascades National Park, you may see crimson and pink spots on the encircling snow. Known as watermelon snow, these colourful spots can truly odor like watermelon. True or false, watermelon snow comes from crimson algae.

a really

b) False

A grasshopper fossil, Fossil Butte Nationwide Monument / NPS

7. The picture above is a fossil grasshopper discovered at Fossil Butte National Monument in Wyoming, location of “a few of the greatest preserved fossils on the planet”. Scientists can inform that this fossil is a grasshopper primarily based on ___.

a) Segmentation of the thorax

b) Wing venation

c) Identification of the pronotum

d) Eye measurement

8. A stroll on the paths of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks will take you thru thick forests of many tree species along with the long-lasting large sequoia: white fir, frankincense cedar, sugar pine, crimson fir and ponderosa pine, for instance. How do scientists decide if a tree is wholesome?

a) Exploratory dissection

b) Bark Fragrance

c) Bundles of fascicles

d) Leaf shade

A view of Lassen Peak from Lake Manzanita, Lassen Volcanic Nationwide Park / Rebecca Latson

9. Lassen Nationwide Park is among the few nationwide parks to function all 4 kinds of volcanoes: cinder cone, strato, defend, and ___.

a) Compound

b) Dome cap

c) Conical

d) Tephra

A white-tailed deer fawn, Tallgrass Prairie Nationwide Protect / NPS

ten. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve has “greater than 500 species of vegetation, almost 150 species of birds, 39 species of reptiles and amphibians, and ___ species of mammals”.

a) 18

b) 25

c) 31

d) 47


A beaver prime hat and exhibit on the Lewis and Clark Nationwide Historic Park/NPS Customer Heart

Throughout the time of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the fur commerce was a strong and profitable enterprise, with beaver pelts being the “major materials of the time… Furs had been in demand to make the important accent of the time, the beaver felt prime hat . To make one in every of these hats, a hatter would use felt created from the effective undercoat of the beaver. Felt was waterproof, sturdy, and held its form, making it a perfect materials for making hats. As a result of it was a staple for the well-dressed gentleman, a single beaver pelt might price upwards of $100. “For context, the enlisted males of the Lewis and Clark Expedition had been paid a mean of $5 a month.”

Fuzzy golden acorns on the branches of the canyon oak, Whiskeytown / NPS Nationwide Recreation Space

Pictured above are acorns from the Canyon Oak, often known as Golden Cup Stay Oak. You may see these stunning fuzzy acorns on a hike Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. “This evergreen oak species is exceptionally drought tolerant and is understood to vigorously sprout new shoots from the bottom of the trunk after a forest fireplace.” You could find these oak bushes and their acorns close to the Guardian Rock Path close to Horse Camp Primitive Campground.

A male Roosevelt elk, Olympic Nationwide Park / NPS

“Roosevelt’s elk have lived alongside people on the Olympic Peninsula since time immemorial. In the beginning of the twentieth Century, Olympic National Park was created with the particular goal of defending the habitat of those magnificent animals. At this time, the nationwide park is dwelling to the biggest inhabitants of Roosevelt elk on the planet. Fall is racing (breeding) season for elk. A go to to Olympic Nationwide Park right now means you might have the prospect to see these moose, with sightings “extra widespread at nightfall and daybreak within the decrease valleys and rainforests of Olympic”. Should you see elk, please hold a secure distance of not less than 150 toes (50 meters) from them. Should you encounter an elk on a path, make noise, keep away from eye contact, and transfer away slowly. Throughout the rut, bull elk can turn into very cantankerous.



Dipped Blobs are fashioned through the melting stage of rock, when basalt magma mixes with dacite magma. Dacite magma is far cooler than basalt magma, and when basalt magma is injected into dacite magma, it’s like “sizzling wax hitting chilly water”, and the basalt drops sizzling are quenched, solidified and encased in dacite.

2a & b

The white-tipped tail of a fox is called the brush The place sweep. “They shed this fur in early spring, reverting to a shorter fu through the summer season months.” To be taught extra concerning the crimson fox, Click here.


Sassafras leaf patterns from left to proper: Mitten, Oval, Trilobal, Buffalo Nationwide River / NPS

Sassafras bushes have polymorph leaves, which implies that the identical tree can have leaves of various shapes. The leaves of sassafras could be oval, mitten-shaped, and trilobed. The leaves and twigs even have a candy odor. Within the spring, you’ll discover earlier than the leaves seem, the sassafras has small yellow flowers which have a really aromatic odor.

4a True

Inexperienced salamanders “are a part of the with out lungs group of salamanders, which implies that they breathe by the pores and skin relatively than the lungs. The titular inexperienced, lichen-like patterns on their backs set them other than virtually all different salamanders in North America. Along with loving the cliffs of the gorge, inexperienced salamanders would additionally use useless logs and bark as a supply of shelter.


Mountain bluebirds are cavity breeders. “They rely upon cavities made by different birds, corresponding to woodpeckers, and arrive at nest websites early to decide on the most effective ones. The male is usually a flashy mate, however, for the considerably duller feminine, mate choice is all about location, location, location. She chooses the male who can provide her the subsequent greatest website.

6b False

The brilliant pink of the Snow Watermelon is the results of inexperienced algae. “It’s a part of a gaggle known as Chlorophyta, a snow algae – and is discovered worldwide in mountains and polar areas. Because the snow melts, the algae “bloom” and develop their crimson pigment to guard themselves from the solar. PS Watermelon Snow might odor like watermelon, however it positively would not style like watermelon and will provide you with an upset abdomen or different “digestive” illnesses.


Paleontologists are capable of inform the fossil within the picture is a grasshopper primarily based on wing venation (the construction of the veins contained in the wings).


Exploratory dissection of a sugar pine cone, Sequoia and Kings Canyon Nationwide Parks/NPS

One option to decide the well being of a tree is to carry out exploratory dissection (chopping them off). Within the picture above, the “impromptu surgeon assessed his reproductive well being by taking a contemporary cone from a sugar pine tree and chopping it open to look at the within. The prognosis was lower than supreme: larvae of bugs, presumably the sugar pine beetle (Conophthorus lambertianae) had eaten many of the seeds, and few viable seeds remained. In a wonderfully wholesome tree, the cone will produce resin to expel hungry bugs.


Okay, this one was a gimme, I do know. However it’s fairly cool that Lassen Volcanic Nationwide Park has all 4 varieties. Lassen Peak is taken into account one of many biggest dome plug volcanoes of the world. Hike the Cinder Cone Path and you will find your self atop a cinder cone with implausible views. Prospect Peak is an instance of a defend volcano and Brokeoff Volcano is a stratovolcano (composite). To be taught extra concerning the volcanoes on this nationwide park, Click here.


The record of species discovered at Tallgrass Prairie Nationwide Protect consists of 31 mammals. To be taught extra concerning the nature and science of tall grass, Click here.

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