a mountain and surrounding rock in yellow with darker rock around it

Vast volcanic eruptions may have turned Venus into hell

Large international volcanism that coated 80% of Venus’ floor in lava could have been the deciding issue that remodeled Venus from a moist, balmy world into the sweltering, sulfuric, hellish planet it’s at the moment. .

The floor temperature on Venus is a sweltering 867 levels Fahrenheit (464 levels Celsius), scorching sufficient to soften lead, and there is a crushing strain of 90 atmospheres beneath the dense clouds of carbon dioxide blended with acid corrosive sulfur. Usually described as Earth“Evil twin”, Venus is the sufferer of a runaway Greenhouse effectlittle doubt amplified by the truth that Venus is about 25 million miles (40 million kilometers) nearer to the sUN than the Earth and due to this fact receiving extra warmth.

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