This is what your sitting position reveals about your personality

You may not notice it, but the way you sit varies based on your mood, and according to psychologists, a lot can be read from the way a person sits. Your personality, intentions, and even hidden desires can be determined by how your body is arranged. It’s a great way to subtly check someone’s personality, without overly validating them.

Position 1

Individuals who sit this way lead themselves by the rule “If you cover the head with a cap the beast is gone!”. In some cases this is something to be grateful for, but not without failure. They are informative and they are not stressful for individuals. They can undoubtedly cope with different circumstances and are really inventive but they act rather generous and in light of this they are sometimes deceitful. Regularly they lament something they said.

Position 2

These types of individuals are visionaries, meaning they have great creative energy and call themselves the soul of the organization or group. They constantly have new and amazing ideas which is why they fail to feel overwhelmed. They need to meet new companions and they need to travel around the world. Every Monday or New Year they have another page of their life and they can change their city, state, appearance, job and even their partner in a short time frame.

Position 3

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