Witze über den Friseur

The hairdresser pointed to a child sitting patiently in the corner, waiting for their turn. “You cut the child’s hair,” he said to the man in the chair, “I’ll run a few errands and…”

The man scratched his head, puzzled. What could possibly come after that? He looked at the child, who grinned mischievously back at him. Suddenly, it dawned on him. He knew exactly where this joke was going. Taking a deep breath, he prepared to continue the narrative.

“I’ll run a few errands and… make sure you don’t give him a mohawk like mine!” The man chuckled, imagining the child with a wild, punk rock hairstyle. But the child’s expression remained unchanged, still holding that mysterious grin.

Unsure if his attempt at humor landed, the man paused, hoping for a reaction. The hairdresser, who had paused in his snipping, glanced back with a curious expression. “And…?” he prompted.

Realizing he hadn’t quite nailed the punchline, the man tried again. “And… remember, he’s got a date with the tooth fairy tonight! No funny business with the scissors!” He chuckled nervously, hoping this would earn a laugh.


But instead of laughter, the child’s grin widened, and a giggle escaped their lips. The man exchanged a confused glance with the hairdresser, who shrugged before returning to his work.

Determined to salvage the joke, the man leaned back in the chair, racking his brain for something witty to say. “And… make sure to give him a haircut fit for a prince! After all, he’s royalty in his own right,” he proclaimed, gesturing grandly towards the child.

This time, the child burst into laughter, the sound filling the salon with infectious joy. The hairdresser chuckled along, relieved that the joke finally landed.

As the man got up from the chair, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment. Though his joke may have stumbled at first, seeing the child’s delighted reaction made it all worth it. And as he left the salon, he couldn’t shake the feeling of satisfaction that comes with sharing a moment of laughter with others.

Meanwhile, the child sat eagerly in the chair, ready for their turn in the spotlight. With a mischievous twinkle in their eye, they knew they had just witnessed the birth of a new joke, one that would surely be retold for years to come.

And so, the man’s simple trip to the hairdresser turned into an unexpected journey of humor and connection. As he stepped out into the bustling streets, he couldn’t help but smile, knowing that sometimes, the best jokes are the ones that take a little bit of effort to tell.

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