6 things happen when you don’t shower for two days

We all have some special rituals that we do every morning, like you have to be prepared, you make sure you look at least somewhat presentable, you have to prepare breakfast, but what we are fully aware of is that you can miss your morning shower every now and then.

It is better not to skip this “shower” anymore, because if you do not take a shower for two days in a row, all kinds of bacteria and fungi start entering your body. According to the tips-and-tricks website

When you take your shower, you wash off all the harmful fungus and bacteria very easily, but if you skip a morning or evening warm shower for two days in a row, these intruders stick to your body.

Body odors

Of course, you don’t get sick right away when you don’t shower for two days in a row, but in the long run, these bacteria and fungi can be harmful to you.


They can enter your body through your eyes, nose or mouth and make you sick. Aside from the fact that it can be harmful to your health, these bacteria and fungi also cause at least 30 unpleasant odors, so taking some time to shower in the morning is not an idea. Bad.

First of all, there is no better way than to rejuvenate, refresh and relax. Bathing and showering are both necessary and inevitable, but they are also a way to pass the time after a long day. We experience stress and natural detoxification processes every day and simply move around while our bodies do what they need to do.

Sometimes, showering alone can be really tiring. But isn’t taking a shower every day really harmless and harmful to our health and condition? of course not! You can skip a day, but the next day you’ll have trouble if you don’t shower. Let’s list the consequences:

1_ bad smell

Avoiding it makes us smell bad. The odor is formed by bacteria that live on our skin and produce waste. Our sweat is also a way to detoxify waste products, so our skin contains a lot of toxins and is a breeding ground for bacteria after we sweat (and we sweat all the time because it’s our natural way of detoxing), especially at the gym. after, after. So taking a shower is the only way to get rid of sweat and unpleasant odors.

2_ skin infection

If germs and bacteria are not washed away, they multiply faster and spread the infection, causing damage to the skin. It causes itching and inflammation of the skin. Body washing is the most natural way to eliminate the possibility of infection.

3_ Dirty unpleasant skin

In addition to an unpleasant smell, our skin becomes dirty, weak and simply unpleasant. The natural process of skin renewal will continue, but its purity will be lost.

4_ hair loss

All of our skin will become flaky and the irritation will irritate the whole body, especially in places where the skin is most sensitive. Our hair begins to fall out because the hair follicles are full of sebum, which prevents the natural nourishment of the hair roots.

5_ stress

Bathing is the most natural way to get rid of stress and depression, so you will feel more stressed and tense. Showering heals any muscle, which is often the case when we are under stress, which affects our bodies.

6_ Violation of blood circulation

It also strengthens the immune system by gently massaging the lymphatic system and increasing circulation, so our cells work better to stay healthy inside. It is a natural way to heal the body.

7- Our skin produces oils,
and when we haven’t showered for a while, dirt and other pollutants can cause irritation and itching.

8- Bathing
can work miracles in your psychological state, change it for the better, and increase your enthusiasm.

9- Our bodies are covered with about 1000 different types of bacteria and about 80 types of fungi, but keep in mind that many of them are good for you, however, if you do not shower in moderation, you will leave room for bad bacteria to triumph and reach your body through your mouth, nose and even your eyes.

10- The unpleasant body odor that they cause is actually caused by gases that are emitted by bacteria as they consume body proteins and fatty acids.

11- Speaking of the intimate area, bacteria may develop types of infections that cause a lot of pain and burning and may be dangerous to your health.

12- Not bathing often can cause a buildup of dead skin when they break and increase the risk of bacterial and fungal infections such as staph.

13- Did you know that there is actually a dermatological term for not paying attention to your hygiene? Dermatitis neglecta is a skin condition that occurs especially when you don’t pay attention to physical hygiene.

14- If you continue to neglect showering, the oils on your scalp will increase, and this may negatively affect your hair and increase the appearance of dandruff, which causes hair loss.

But despite these negative consequences, there are some positive effects of not showering, because over-showering can throw off your natural bacterial ecosystem, so moderation is always the answer.

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