What do these red dots on your skin mean?

Usually, some people suddenly notice confusing red dots on your skin, so don’t worry, we’ll show you why they appear and how to prevent them from spreading, according to the “brightside”

Hemangioma may be due to:
Hemangioma is a small benign tumor formed from blood vessels. There are two main reasons for its development:

1- Age:

Many people develop hemangiomas at the age of thirty or more, as a rule, in this case it looks like a small convex mole resembling a cherry seed, located mainly on the body, arms and shoulders, these hemangiomas occur due to simple age changes of the skin and blood vessels.

  • Health problems or wrong lifestyle:

If the hemangioma looks like a spot and begins to vascularize, this may indicate liver problems, vascular disease, or hormonal failure.


There are also other reasons such as:

3- thrombocytopenia:

When spots appear on your legs, it is a symptom of thrombocytopenia. This occurs if there are low levels of platelets (or white blood cells that help with clotting), a reaction due to medications or even an immune system disorder. It may also be due to leukemia.

4- Constant Voltage:

A reaction from certain medications can lead to such spots, this comes under allergic reactions.

6- Scarlet fever:

People with strep throat may suffer from scarlet fever. In this condition, small red spots appear all over the body. These spots look like a rash, feel like sandpaper and look like a sunburn.

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